Musician Spotlight: Alexandria Baum


Ashley Perlaki, Business Manager

Alexandria Baum has been interested in the performing arts her whole life. As a freshman at Hamburg, she signed up for the musical. At first, Alex worked production, but then became interested in the acting aspect of the play. She has just performed her third play as Martha Watson in White Christmas, a stellar performance by her and her peers. Alexandria finds that acting or singing helps “express herself creatively” and helps release any stress or anger she has.  

Although Alex loves performing arts, she is also very musically inclined. Alex has been playing the piano since she was six years old, and started playing the ukulele and guitar at 14. 

Alexandria is also involved in many school activities. She is a member of Tri-M, Aerial Boundaries, and Show Choir. However, being so academically and musically involved in school can be tough. Alex finds it hard to sleep and keep up will all of her work, since she is in three advanced placement courses and is also a class officer for her junior class. With that being said, Alex still finds it rewarding to be able to enjoy so many different opportunities at Hamburg. Since her years of high school are almost over, she is thinking of majoring in neuroscience and continuing to minor in writing and possibly music. Alex intends to become a part of her college’s performing arts program, as well as continuing to play the piano for the rest of her life.