Musician Spotlight: Anna DeAngelo


Anna DeAngelo: first row, first person (left)

Keira Conrad , Business Manager

Anna DeAngelo is a freshman at Hamburg Area High School and is one of the school’s many musically gifted students. She began playing both the baritone and violin seven years ago, remaining heavily dedicated despite the difficulties that come with multiple instruments. Serving almost like a role model to those that surround her, Anna maintains a balance between her many passions. Not only does she participate in most things music, but she is also a dedicated dancer, student, and overall athlete. Even with being involved in these various activities, she continues to be a talented musician.

This knack for music was not initially discovered by her own will, however, as she says, “My friends were joining the orchestra and band, so I decided to join as well.” Anna discovered her talent for music not long after she began to play. In only fifth grade, she was chosen to take part in the PMEA (Pennsylvania Music Association) – something not many get the chance to partake in. Though she admits that the music had been incredibly hard to learn, especially with her only having a day to do so, she says that pulling off such a thing had been what really made her acknowledge her musical talent. Anna thoroughly enjoys playing her instruments, saying, “I enjoy how people who aren’t in the music program can look at the kids up on the stage and say ’Wow!’” The admiration from the crowd and the inspiration she receives from Mrs. Dowd, the orchestra director, and Collin Reppert, a fellow peer involved in music, are what keeps her going. She plans to continue with her playing and grow from her experiences.