Musician Spotlight: Sarah Kramer


Kristen Martinez, Hawk Happenings Assistant Editor

Sarah Kramer is a sophomore at Hamburg Area High School, and she is a musician. She plays piano and sings in both the regular choir and the select choir, Aerial Boundaries. She is able to sing not only the high soprano part, but she also has the ability to sing the lower alto parts as well. During her time in Aerial Boundaries and even when she was in the middle school choir, she has played the piano accompaniment while singing as well. She started piano when she was five years old and has kept with it to this day.

Sarah says her dedication from music sprouted from her family, especially her aunt who she was close with. When asked why she cares so much about music she said, “My family is very musically inclined and my aunt was very skilled and she said she would try instruments out on me. I tried a lot of them,” Music is important to not only her, but her family as well so she keeps up with it.

When she was asked why she chose piano out of all of the possible instruments, she said the piano was able to convey the music and the tone better than any other. There was just something special that made the music even more emotional and powerful. She said she practices at least 1 hour a day every other day and her favorite composer was John Lennon. During her practices, she finds that out of all the playing she does her biggest challenge is playing sharps, which are the smaller black keys on the piano.

Not only is she a great musician, she also is a well-rounded student too. She is in all honors classes and continues to play sports along with music and having a life outside of school. Even though she is busy, she manages to stay on top of everything and stay focused.

Sarah’s advice to a new pianist is, “Don’t be discouraged and practice your scales all the time.”