The Drama Hawks nail this year’s musical Into the Woods


Alexandra Kline , Hawk Happenings Assitant Editor

Into the Woods is a combination of the Grimm Brothers’ original fairy tales with their original bloodiness and harsh messages. For example, Disney’s take on the story Cinderella did not include the Grimm Brothers’ ending with the step sisters getting their eyes pecked out by birds, nor did the Disney version include the cutting off of toes or heels to make the shoes fit the step sisters’ feet. The Grimm stories are not for young children, but are perfect for a high school musical.

In the musical Into the Woods, we follow a baker and his wife as they search for items to give to a witch that placed a spell on their house, making them baren, unable to have children. They need a cape as red as blood (Little Red Riding Hood’s cape), a cow as white as milk (Milky White from Jack), hair as yellow as corn (Rapunzel’s hair), and slippers as pure as gold (Cinderella’s heels). 

All of these characters are played by high school and middle school students from Hamburg Area. They all did a fantastic job portraying their roles, acting and looking the part. As well as having amazing acting skills, nothing compares to their singing voices. Rapunzel, played by sophomore Cora Brown, has a beautiful singing voice that can be heard on and off stage as her character sings up in her tower.

Eileen Deisemann, a senior, was a phenomenal actress as she played the role of Cinderella. Her vocal range is one to envy as she reaches glass-breaking high notes. No one envies her more as she speaks to the birds in the play, getting important information from them as well as their help.

One character that seemed to be the most important character in the whole play was the cow, Milky White, played by Brody Baez. He acts creatively with his role as a farm animal, but even though he has no lines, he is able to captivate the audience with his hilarious facials and movement on the stage.

As well as the important princesses that are seen in the musical, including a show of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, we have the princes of the musical. Played by James Francisco and Trenton Metcalfe, Prince Charming and Rapunzel’s Prince are shown quite a bit, trying to find their fair maidens. Even though it is Trenton Metcalfe’s first year in the school’s musical, he is able to portray a prince in both emotionally and hair-wise. Both have great voices as they sing together “Agony.”

Overall, this year’s musical was a big hit with the community and was able to keep technical difficulties to a minimum. The musical was fantastic and we cannot wait to see what the Drama Hawks of Hamburg Area have for us next year!