Faith Guers attends BCTC for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Therapy  


Quinn Holl, Hawk Happenings Editor in Chief

Faith Guers, a senior at Hamburg Area High School, is taking advantage of BCTC’s Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Therapy program to achieve her future goal of becoming an Occupational Therapist.   

A typical day for Guers kicks off with a 30-45 minute theory or lesson on a variety of topics, such as strength training, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and so much more. After the lesson, students do book work or practice hands-on skills based on new information. Students can practice these skills for a practical exam. Once the students have completed their work, they can use their free time to exercise on the equipment or study for upcoming exams.  

Currently, Guers is in the process of completing a Personal Training Certification as well as a Physical Therapist Technician Certification. Additionally, Guers participates in Future Health Professions (HOSA), a student organization where Guers has the opportunity to compete in different events to earn scholarships. One of the competitions is based on leadership, which Guers has already displayed at BCTC, as she is a mentor for first-year students.   

Aside from succeeding at BCTC, Guers is well-aware that her program at BCTC will also help her to succeed in the future.    

“BCTC provides me with the opportunity to receive two certifications. These certifications can help me work through college and give me more experience when I want to find a real job.”  

Guers, who started the program sophomore year, sought to hone her skills in high school, rather than wait until college. 

“I decided to attend BCTC because I thought it would be a good way to learn about what I wanted to do. I also wanted to learn about things I was actually going to need in my life.” 

For students who are thinking about participating in BCTC’s many programs, Guers believes it is a great opportunity for students who wish to have a step ahead of those pursuing the same career or field. 

“I think BCTC is a great place for students to go. It gives hands-on-experience that helps students learn if they really want to be a part of the field. Also, it gives the students a leg up after they graduate, not only with the skills you retain, but the people you meet and the connections you make. At BCTC, you meet so many great friends that you would have never met if you wouldn’t have gone.” 

Students who are interested in joining BCTC can see Mrs. Benz in the library to discuss the next step!