Colten Eisenhauer thrives in his last year at BCTC


Megan DeAngelo, Senior Memory Pages

Colten Eisenhauer is a senior student at the East BCTC campus, and he is part of the Mechatronics Engineering Technology program. According to Eisenhauer, the program encompasses a wide variety of skills, such as “computer programming, mechanics, and engineering.” This allows for those in the program to explore a large range of careers. This wide range is what originally drew him to the program, since it has helped him learn “so many indispensable skills for [his] future in so many possible careers.” Learning so many different disciplines can be challenging, but Eisenhauer manages it well in addition to his school work, rarely seeming stressed out from all his assignments. 

In comparison to school, he enjoys BCTC much more, since it is teaching him topics he has a genuine interest in and will need for his future career. This is one of the reasons for his focus and drive in BCTC, because they “are given tools and equipment to learn by doing.” He is a hands-on learner, and the Mechatronics program does just that; hands-on learning. Another part of BCTC he finds enjoyable is the “professional environment”, that differs from a classroom so starkly. With a less conventional approach, he is able to thrive and understand complex topics, such as computer programming and the inner workings of machinery, faster than he would in the typical classroom.