Cooking things up at BCTC


Erin Fury , Pinnacle Senior Ads

BCTC has a plethora of programs for students ready to start their careers. One of those students is Cheyenne Hollenbach. A Senior at Hamburg, Cheyenne has been going to BCTC for three years for Culinary Arts, something she said she enjoys immensely. Everyday for her at BCTC is different, either the restaurant is open or they are doing theory, where the students do classwork.

To start her day at BCTC, Cheyenne puts on her uniform, heads into the kitchen and begins her tasks for the day. Each task varies on the day and she is always learning something different. Cheyenne explained that she decided to join BCTC because of her interest in cooking. She said how her time there has been very helpful and she has learned so much. One of Cheyanne’s favorite foods to make is bread. She said it is easy and an enjoyable task, that leads to a delicious snack. She also explained that she doesn’t have any exact technique when making a dish but when she has an idea and plans it out, the dish turns out delicious. She also said how her time at tech has given her many opportunities that she wouldn’t have had outside of BCTC, and met many amazing people as well. Including her two instructors who she said she looks up too and are major inspirations for her. Her class has been everything she hoped and more and she cannot wait to graduate and learn even more. 

Cheyenne explained how she is ready to go to college after high school. Saying her plan is to go to the Culinary Institute of America, where she said her skills from BCTC will certainly come in handy. Cheyenne wants to get through college, start her plan of owning her own restaurant, and work as a Food Chemist for a company. Food Chemists study the chemical processes and interactions of all biological and non-biological components of food. She explained how her love of Food Science has helped her make her career choice. Knowing what is occurring within the food as it is made and why foods have certain flavors is something Cheyanne wants to understand. So she decided that becoming a Food Chemist and working within a restaurant is a great way to do that. She knows that all her hard work at BCTC will help with the journey ahead.

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