Students share how they spent their break


Kaeli Cox


     Spring has sprung! Blooming flowers and buzzing bees foreshadowed the real excitement for April, Spring break. Hamburg Area High School’s students enjoyed a sunny break starting with a half-day on April 5 and returning to school April 11. The generous amount of days off let everyone reset their minds for school and their wardrobe for warmer weather. Students sure appreciated every moment of being home, and were all greeted with the same question when they returned, “What did you do over break?”

     Mrs. Geske shared, “I took my son and family to his great grandmother’s house. We did a basket hunt in the woods and enjoyed delicious food.” For those who celebrate Easter, the break was spent indulging in traditional activities. Egg hunts are a fun and popular Easter element, as well as a nice dinner. Mrs. King said, “I spent time with my family.” Spending time with family is another popular activity for the holiday.

     On the not-so-typical side, Mrs. Kelly shared, “I did yard work and school work. We had a family game night, and I spent time with my boys.” showing how break does not have to be spent celebrating and can be the perfect opportunity to get caught up on things that require more time. Rowan Epting, sophomore, stated, “I hung out with my boyfriend, Noah, and he got me a cute little plush bunny. I also went to both of my grandparent’s houses on Easter. They gifted me a Starbucks gift card. We also had an egg hunt and I got money.” showing how the break could have been spent enjoying Easter traditions and using the time off to have fun. 

     The question “What did you do over break?” can lead to some interesting answers and allow students and staff to get to know each other better.