HAHS students share choices in music


Riley Mohn, Pinnacle Faculty/Staff Editor

     When students of Hamburg Area School District are asked to choose which music genres they enjoy, the answers will vary. However, some of the answers will be similar among students. Students were to pick between genres of music, like rock, rap, and lofi to name a few. The genre that was the most commonly liked in HAHS was rock, with 32 students that chose it. The genre of music that nobody chose was Children’s music. There was a blank option for any music genre that was not listed above, and some were Irish rock, retro, and R&B. 

     Out of the 64 students, several had similar artists that they enjoyed as well. Artists that were common among students included Morgan Wallen, Taylor Swift, and Eminem. Some less chosen artists were Bruno Mars, Cavetown, Girl in Red, Alec Benjamin, Metallica, and Ghost. Other students when asked to name an artist had a hard time deciding upon one or they did not have one currently. 

     Collectively, it seems that students at Hamburg Area School District listen to music frequently during their school life and at home. Several students walk the halls listening to whatever music they are into, while others walk the halls with no music. No matter, it is difficult for one to go about disliking music in their life, especially since there are so many students who are in musical extracurriculars, and others listen to music in whatever way, shape, or form they choose.