Experiencing the Pre-Revolution Salon


Ashley Perlaki, Business Manager

Hamburg’s Honors World Cultures students honored the pre-revolution France era, by creating a 21st century salon as a homage of the 1800’s French style salon. All the students were put into four different classes and had to embody that class system. Each group had to know their class system by heart and the major advancements of that class system.

The main focus was to persuade people to vote for that class system. These class systems consisted of Monarchs, Jacobins, Girondine, and the Peasants. Classes from all over the school were able to come and interact with the students. After the ballots were totaled, the winner of the pre-revolution salon was the Girondines with a total of 46 votes. Many people felt their poster and presentation was the strongest for that time period.

Mr. Evans the teacher responsible for making the salon happen, stated that the major purpose of the salon was, “To give the students the opportunity to take a more active part in their education, and to try and demonstrate how information was spread during the Revolution.” Since this is the first year Mr. Evans has held the Salons, he believes that overall it was a step in a good direction and he will continue doing the Salon each year.