Quarantine Life: Emily Smith


Emily Smith, Pinnacle Club Editor

I would love to say that every day is a new adventure, but currently, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Every day I wake up, only to realize that there is no point in setting an alarm or creating a schedule because there is NOTHING happening. It’s as if the whole world is a video and it’s permanently stuck on “pause.” Restaurants, stores, and even parks are shut down to try and stop the coronavirus from spreading. People are now afraid to be around anyone, even their own family because the virus is spreading like a Californian wildfire. 

Motivation to do anything other than watch TV and play on my phone is slowly fading away. I feel like sleeping the days away, and honestly, if I didn’t feel guilty about doing that, I could. There is nobody to stop me from doing nothing other than my conscience saying, “Is this really what a dancer who needs to be training every day would do?” So, I force myself out of bed and begin my 2-mile workout. Every day is different after that, it all depends on what time I wake up. Sounds like a great routine, doesn’t it?

I’ve described this time as absolutely miserable, but I guess there are some good things that have come out of this. I feel like I can catch my breath. I was super busy before all of this, and I didn’t have lots of downtime. This wasn’t exactly the downtime I was looking for, but I guess it works. Also, I’ve been able to focus on my dance training. I do a 2-mile workout every morning, and I do a really deep stretch every day in order to become more flexible. This is as good as “looking on the bright side” gets for me right now. 

This time away from normality itself makes me appreciate it more than ever. I think I took each day for granted, knowing that I would always have tomorrow to accomplish something. Now I know that each day should be lived to its fullest and that tomorrow is never guaranteed, I will be sure to have a more positive outlook on life once I can return.