Quarantine Life: Clarissa Dimovitz


Clarissa Dimovitz, Pinnacle Underclassmen Editor

Quarantine for me, like everyone else, has been a somewhat rough time. While I continue to stay in ‘school mode’ during our time away since I am doing the learning opportunities, I can’t help but feel a wave of boredom sweep over me from behind sometimes. I usually fill the time by watching videos or socializing with friends over the phone. I tend to spend a lot of time in my room since I’m usually doing schoolwork or socializing. My friends and I always assure each other that this is all going to pass over and that we’ll all see each other again in the future. Just keeping each other company helps us feel a whole lot better than if we were truly alone.

Regarding family, my mother and my step-father both still have to go to work. They are always protected in their workplace and are taking precautions during this time just like the rest of us. To pass the time and to get us all together as a family, some nights around 7 pm we will all gather in the living room and watch a movie as a family. I usually end up choosing the movie, since we’re all indecisive sometimes. It’s always fun to laugh at a movie and spend time with them, and on other days we’ll play card games, like 500 Rummy. I’m usually not good at these games, but I’ve managed to win once or twice. My grandmother and grandfather usually wear masks and gloves whenever they go out to protect themselves. My grandfather has to be really careful since he is at a higher risk due to his cancer.

But, while there are upsides to the quarantine, like sleeping in however late you want and being free from school, for the most part, there are also bad parts. Since we’re isolated, our lives are momentarily put on hold. We can’t do much besides staying indoors and find a way to keep ourselves occupied. There’s also a higher tension in the house since after weeks of being cramped up in the same space with each other, you tend to get on each others’ nerves. It’s unintentional, of course, but it’s bound to happen and small arguments tend to break out. It’s happened to us, and we’ve had our fair share of it. 

This is a stressful time for all of us, but we are all strong and we are all survivors. We all, I hope, will recover from this and be stronger than ever before. We will be happy once more, and we will have to work together to get through this pandemic. I hope that all my friends and teachers are safe, and I hope to see them soon.