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Students talk about their favorite games


People play many different types of games, from games like Pokemon where players collect different types of creatures, to Fortnite where players can battle head to head to achieve victory, and even Candyland where players race to the end of the board to win. With a huge variety of games and platforms to play on some students have been able to pick their favorite game.

     One student, Koa Binder, enjoys playing Monopoly, a board game where the aim of the game is to have the most money. Koa enjoys the game because it gives her an excuse to be angry. She recommends playing Monopoly so everyone else can experience the anger she feels while playing it.

     Dakota Schneider likes to play the game Scattergories. The aim of the game is to write down words starting with a certain letter from different categories. So if the letter was a “p” and the category was dog breed, the players would write poodle to gain points, as long as people do not match with other people. Dakota enjoys this game because it involves quick thinking and it makes her work hard to come up with words to fit the categories. She recommends this game to others so they can test themselves like she does.

     Alaena Cox takes a different approach to games. Her favorite game is one she can play on her phone. Her favorite game to play is Roblox. She enjoys this game because she can play with her friends on a variety of different games all created by other people. She can dress up her avatar however she may want and view her friends’ avatars as well. Olivia Kauffman also enjoys playing Roblox. She says that Roblox has a lot of fun games on it and it is entertaining. Some people call it a kids game but to that Olivia says who cares, it is amazing. Alaena and Olivia recommend this game to everyone because they enjoy it too.

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