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Students Easter break
Students Easter break
April 15, 2024

Getting ready for basketball season

Getting ready for basketball season

     There are many ways to get ready for the upcoming boys basketball season, such as, mental preparation, working out, practicing with other people, and athletes’ level of physical fitness. Mental preparation is very important while playing a sport. In most sports, it is self vs. self. As long as athletes are fit and you have mental confidence they can do the best that they can.

     There are many different ways students/athletes workout to prepare yourself for their upcoming season. Students can go to one of their coaches and ask for recommendations for their workouts or they could go to their trainer for recommendations. 

     Working out can help by keeping muscles in shape. Working out can improve acceleration/speed around the court and can reduce the risk of joint and tendon injuries.

     Practicing with other people like teammates, family, or friends are the best ways to practice in some people’s minds. Practicing with other people helps by acting like they are playing in a game with other people and more. 

     An athletes level of physical fitness can affect the way they play any sport. Athletes need to be able to run/jump. They also need to be able to run across the court and jump to shoot when needed. 

     Joseph Martin, senior, states, “This season the team is preparing by being as conditioned and as athletic as possible.” He also knows that team chemistry is a big deal so they are figuring out ways to work on that. The boys basketball team also has new coaches. Joseph also states, “We are getting to know the new coaches and how they will be coaching us this season.”

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