HAHS holds the third Java Jam


Morgan Lutz

 During the 7-hour school day, students are meant to sit in classrooms, focus, and learn. The only downtime and social time that students get is lunch and the occasional study hall. School is often one of the only times that friends are able to catch up, make plans, and see each other. This is one of the reasons that Mr. Laughlin decided to hold a coffee house event in the high school.

     Mr. Laughlin, Mrs. McCarthy, and Mr. Haegele all help organize and run an event called Java Jam; a place where students can socialize, talk, and listen to live music. 

Mr. Laughlin and Mr. Haegele are both in charge of the arts side of the event and helping any students who need a performance buddy. Mrs. McCarthy is in charge of the setup in the library and advertising around school. 

     Java Jam is held in the library of the high school with snacks and drinks included. All of the live music is performed by the high school’s very own students and staff. The performances range from students singing original songs to playing a classic song on the trumpet. It is free to get into the event, and it is also free to play. There is coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and baked goods for sale during the event and of the money raised from the items is donated to Student Council to help raise the money needed to buy each student a school spirit shirt.

     There is one held in the spring and one held in the fall. This upcoming Java Jam is the third one. It will be held in the high school library on April 13th from 6:30pm – 8:00pm. At the last Java Jam, around 100 people showed up and filled most of the library. “There were so many talented people performing, and we had a lot of original music,” stated Mr. Laughlin. 

     The idea for Java Jam came from a similar event that was held at the school that Mr. Laughlin used to teach at. The school held an event at the end of the year that allowed students to showcase their fine arts. This event was called the Jam Bandoree. Seniors had the opportunity to set up a stand and showcase their art; they could even sell it. There was also a band playing during the Jam Bandoree. Mr. Laughlin decided to make a similar event, just more student related. He would also like to expand Java Jam and include more student art instead of just music. 

     Mr. Laughlin has played music for much of his life. He plays many different instruments, including the trumpet, baritone, piano, guitar, bass, harmonica, accordion, and mandolin, although that is only scratching the surface. For the past three years, he has also played bass in the pit during the high school musical.”Music made me feel like I fit it. A lot of times in high school, we want to fit in, but we feel like we don’t belong. I want this event to make people feel like they belong,” says Mr. Laughlin.

     If anyone has any questions about Java Jam or participating, send an email to Mr. Laughlin or Mr. Haegele. If you are asking to participate, include who you are, what you want to play, and if you need any assistance.