Most difficult sport


Carlee Stitzel, Pinnacle Underclassman Editor

 A survey went out the whole school asking what they think the most difficult sport is. The choices were football, softball, baseball, soccer, field hockey, golf, tennis, track and field, cross country, cheerleading, wrestling, bocce ball, and basketball. 

     Twenty seven people responded, 16 said football was one of the hardest sports, second place three kids said Softball, there was a tie between three sports which were cheer, track and field, and tennis, last place it was baseball and basketball. 

     There are a lot of different sports offered at Hamburg. Many people say football is one of the hardest sports for school and more because players cover between seven to ten miles every game. Which means they must possess extremely high endurance. Mostly each game lasts about 90 minutes and many play two or three times a week. All the sports are hard in different ways, and each one is difficult for different people.