Junior prepare for Powder Puff


Erica Gerner, Business Manager


      On October 18th, at 7 pm at the HS stadium  is holding their annual Powder Puff game: juniors against seniors. A Junior, Hailey Strunk claims, “She thinks they will have a solid team, with a lot of good athletes,” which is believed to be true by a lot of people. Another Junior, Kylah Reading exclaimed “I think our junior class this year is going to compete very hard. We have a good crew of athletic girls and coaches that want us to work hard!” It is believed that the Junior class could give Seniors a run for their money!

     On top of the fun they will have playing the game, they still need to prepare for the game. Strunk said, “They have set practices scheduled for the next two weeks before the game and we are just going to work hard,” which could create success for the Junior class. Reading has said the same. “We are preparing by having hard practices that are beneficial to everyone and give the seniors some pressure this year.” The coaches Alex Bentz, Chris Brown, Mason Semmel, Bryce Kamp, and Cohen Correl will work hard to make sure the Juniors are successful. Good luck to all at the Powder Puff game this year!