Come join LEO Club


Tabitha Engel , Pinnacle Club Editor

School has just begun this year and many students are deciding which clubs they want to join. Our school offers a variety of different clubs that cover the interests of all students. One of the fantastic clubs at our school is the LEO club, which is the student division of the Lions club.

The LEO Club is a volunteer organization that helps to give back to the community. There are various activities that the club does so everybody can find a way to help in some way. The club has various fundraisers that help to fund it. One of the fundraisers is the collection of soda tabs for the Ronald McDonald House of Charity in Hershey. The club collects soda tabs all year long, then at the end of the year, there is a trip to Hershey to drop them off at the Ronald McDonald House, which is a place where families can stay while their child is awaiting medical treatment at the hospital. The other most popular fundraiser is the cotton candy machine which makes appearances at several events throughout the school year, especially during May Day.

LEO Club really shines around the holidays. During most LEO club meetings members make holiday cards for those at the Laurel Center. During Christmas time members visit the elementary schools in order to help with Santa’s Workshop. Members will help children buy gifts for their family and supervise other games and activities as well. Another thing that happens with LEO club during the holidays is that many members will sign up for an Angel Tree card. The cards are provided through the Salvation Army and list toys that a child in need wants and the member will buy it for them. Lastly during Easter club members will put prizes in Easter eggs, which will then be transported down to the elementary school for a big Easter egg hunt.

The LEO Club is a good club to join for anyone who likes to help people and give back to the community. The LEO Club strives to help people while having fun doing it. In order to join the club come to the library on club day A. Additionally there is an application that must be filled out and a five-dollar fee for first time members.