Students prefer binders or folders


Riley Mohn


     Students find a need to put papers and important assignments in certain areas. Some students do not even use a binder or folder, and they use their computer case instead. Other students have specified binders with labels for all of their classes or assignments. Some do not find the need to have organized binders, however they enjoy having seperate folders for their papers. Binders have three rings that go up the side that open and close so people can put papers that are hole punched into them. Folders have two pockets and rarely have three prongs that are able to have hole punched papers put in. 

     One student, LeeAnn Mills, likes to separate and label her binders for each of her classes. She has an everything folder for any papers that she needs to work on periodically throughout the day, as well as papers for college. Even though some of her binders may not have a lot of papers in them, she likes the ability to organize her papers in the binder much better than in folders. A friend of hers uses a singular binder for everything. They are unable to stop at their locker periodically, so a single binder is mainly used for convenience. A freshman, Ava Fiscus, uses two binders total for every class, to the point where both the front and the back have fallen off one of the binders. 

     Students use binders and folders to help with organizing worksheets and assignments for classes, or they do not use them at all. Binders and folders can both help keep people on task. People that use take-home folders prioritize their homework on one side of the folder, and any other papers on the other side. Binders do have pockets that people can prioritize items in, but they also might put the paper with the rest of the section that it goes into on accident, and it never gets completed. Folders can be more of a hassle to keep organized, especially if there is a set schedule for the person using it. Depending upon how much time is left in a perod, the papers may get shoved into the folder at random as a wway to keep them together. Binders stay together a lot longer than most folders, since a lot of folders are made of breakable material.