Students plan summer adventures


Erica Gerner

Since the weather is getting warmer, it has everyone thinking what adventures or vacations could they go on this summer. Breanna Lillington stated, “I am excited to go on two trips with my friend this summer to Ocean City, Maryland since I also did that last summer.” 

     It is getting to the time of year where everyone just wants to be out of school because it is getting so nice out and they do not want to do school work. Shayna Morales stated, “I enjoy going to the beach the most, so when it starts to get warm I always wish I was at the beach.”  

      While there are already some plans set, students also have things on their bucket list. Lillington states, “I would love to be able to go to a concert of one of my favorite singers this summer, like Morgan Wallen and Taylor Swift.” It seems like when asking any teenager what they want to do in the summer, a concert is always on the list. Morales states, “ My dream vacation would be to Puerto Rico because of how nice the island is.” 

     Lillington expressed, “Although I do need to also work so I can pay for gas and insurance for my car in the summer, it isn’t that bad because all I do is be a lifeguard. So it is more fun than it is boring.” Usually when teens say they are getting jobs during the summer, it means it is going to be boring or time consuming. Morales also expressed, “I play travel softball in the summer, so I get to travel farther and go away on more trips in the summer for softball.”