Breanna Lillington joins student council


Erica Gerner

    Breanna Lillington, a sophomore at Hamburg Area HIgh School has joined the student council for the 2022- 2023 school year. Lillington stated, “I joined the student council to get more involved with what goes on at school.” There are a number of factors that either make our school a positive or a negative place. Lillington expressed, “My favorite thing about student council is having a say in what goes on in our school and getting to work with my friends.” 

     While making changes in the school should always be positive, that is not always the case. Lillington voiced, “I want to change the way future and current students enjoy school activities and many more factors,” which will be great to the future students, in hopes they also make a change when it comes to the future generations being in charge. Where some people really do not understand what the student council does.

      Lillington said, “Student council is in charge of most of the school activities such as dances and involved with elementary school occasions to pass on good lessons.” We need more people that are dedicated to make our school community better.