Students discuss their favorite part of the year


Hailey Quinn - 10

     As the end of the school year comes closer and closer, students begin to reflect on their favorite parts of their year. 

     One thing that many students agree on as their favorite part of the year is school sports. Amelia Gassert, a three sport athlete, states, “My favorite part of the year were the high school sports. The team environment makes me feel like I have a sports family throughout every season.” The team aspect allows students to build meaningful bonds throughout the season that allows them to feel like they are part of a family. 

     Brady Breininger, another student athlete, says, “My favorite part of the year was playing baseball for the school. I got to spend lots of time with friends, and I also enjoyed playing in the varsity games, which is something that I didn’t get to do last year.” Not only do students get to form bonds with their fellow teammates, but they also get to experience the joy of improving and trying new things. 

     Erica Gerner, a two sport athlete, adds, “My favorite part of the year was golf season. I achieved more than last year and I had fun doing it.” Whether it be playing the sport or enjoying the team atmosphere, sports season is a fun time for many students. 

     Another aspect of school that many students enjoyed was simply spending time with their friends. Maddison Foreman, a sophomore at HAHS, states, “Honestly, I’d have to say my favorite part of the year was being with my friends. They help make classes entertaining and always give me something to look forward to.” Socializing with friends helps to brighten up a school day which can often drag on. 

     Shelby Doughery says, “My favorite part of the year was getting to hang out with my friends, because they always help me with things and make me laugh.” Hanging out with friends is always something that students can look forward to, as they are a good support system and source of joy, especially during the stresses of school.

     Finally, many students found that their favorite part of the year was getting their driver’s license and being able to drive. Gavin Dougherty, a sophomore who recently got his license states, “I’d have to say getting my license was my favorite part of this year. It allowed me to stop taking the bus and drive myself to and from school.” Various students agreed that getting their license was their favorite part of the year, as it allowed them more freedom. 

     Isabella Reader, another student who recently got her driver’s license says, “My favorite part of the year was getting my driver’s license. It was kind of stressful, and driving is a big responsibility, however, it gives me more freedom that I didn’t have before.”

     Ultimately, it was a great year for the students at HAHS and they are looking forward to making more favorite memories in the years to come.