Sightless review


Abby Wahl

Sightless is a psychological thriller directed in Seattle in 2020 by Cooper Karl. It has a 5.5/10 rating on IMDb and has some mixed reviews on the internet.

     After a vicious attack leaves a young woman named Ellen Ashland (Madelaine Petsch) blind, she is left to be taken care of by a mysterious man named Clayton (Alexander Koch). This man is shown as a benevolent soul with a heavy heart, similar to Ellen. They become closer as the story progresses, but as she adjusts to her new world, she finds that no one is who they said they were. 

     One night I was just mindlessly scrolling through Netflix, and I landed on this movie, Sightless. I usually would not watch something like this, but it piqued my interest, and I began to watch it. As the movie progressed, I thought it was a bit slow, but I continued it anyway. After I watched the entire movie, I was in shock at the ending. I have read reviews on IMDb and most people who have watched psychological thrillers expected the ending and called it “predictable,” but I thought it was a crazy twist. 

     I have watched the movie again since I first saw it, and I believe it is a bit predictable now, but I was still surprised at the odd ending. For people that enjoy a quiet and calm thriller of the mind, this movie is perfect. I would definitely recommend this movie if you are in the mind to think and be a little scared. 

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