Gruber excels at sports


Chloee Stitzel

  Connor Gruber is a senior at HAHS and plays three sports: Soccer, Basketball and Baseball, which he started when he was five years old. Connor says that his parents put him in those sports because his dad played the same three sports when he was younger. Gruber fell in love with soccer, basketball, and baseball right and he made great friends along the way. He states, “Sports make me feel alive and that I have something to look forward to.”

     Gruber does not look up to anyone famous. “A lot of people have one famous athlete that they want to be one day, but I just want to be the best athlete on the field or the court. I challenge myself to be the best.”

     Connor has three overall favorite sports memories from high school, and they are all in soccer. Freshman year the team went to Wallenpaupack for a tournament which was strictly for varsity so he was grateful that he was able to go along. This was the first eye opening thing that showed him what high school was about and the level of competitiveness. This was a fun experience for him because the team spent the weekend there. The second memory was winning the Taylor Seitzinger Tournament in which he scored his first goal. The last favorite memory that he has is beating Oley Valley his junior year because it was the first time in 11 years since Hamburg beat them. 

     The most inspiring coaches Connor had were Coach McFarland and Coach Zalasky. Coach McFarland coached Gruber since middle school and probably younger than middle school. He pushed Connor to his best and would help out with anything. Coach McFarland came back Gruber’s senior year for basketball because they did not have a coach so he stepped in. That is how much Coach McFarland loves the sport and Connor’s group of friends. 

     Coach Zalasky was his soccer coach throughout soccer. He taught Connor so much and pushed him. He gave Gruber the chance to play varsity his freshman year and start varsity his sophomore year. Coach Zalasky made Connor a much better soccer player and athlete. He would always be there and talk to Connor and help him with school and college too. 

     Connor is going to Susquehanna University to major in Business. His biggest goal is to succeed in college and focus on his dream job. 

     Connor states, “It’s very sad to see the basketball season come to an end, but since I was injured I wasn’t able to get to play. Which is why it was hard to come to every game and watch everyone play while I sat on the bench.”

     Gruber is thankful for his parents, friends, coaches and teachers. They all contributed in making Connor the man he is today. Especially his parents, they have done so much for him, words can not describe it.

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