Spotlight on spring track athletes


Erica Gerner, Business Manager

     The spring sports are getting off to a start, and it is time to see how the track team is going to do this season. Former track athlete Breanna Lillington stated, “I feel the coaches have very high expectations on us this entire season and want us to achieve our goals.” 

     Michael Gregg stated, “Since it is my first season doing track I don’t have many expectations of myself, and I am just there to stay in shape and work hard, I only wanted to do track because all my friends did it.” It seems like most athletes do track to work on their endurance and stay in shape for the other sports that they do. Gregg also expressed, “I am excited to try the 400 meter race, triple jump, and long jump for my first time competing.” 

      Lillington expressed, “I do have many goals for myself this season, one is just doing better than last season and hitting a personal record of 29 ‘6 for triple jump.” As it is always the goal to be better than the previous season.      

     Lillington stated, “As a team there should be multiple members that make it to postseason, in districts and states.” It is always good to hear athletes from school representing in bigger events. For all of this to happen there needs to be a lot of hard work like lots of running and getting stronger during preseason. Lillington stated, “They have been practicing really hard, running to enhance their stamina, getting stronger in the weight room, and working on their events really hard to prepare for their first meet” This is all great stuff to hear as the track team is going into their first meet this season. Good luck to the track team this season!