Student Spotlight – Kyla Rogers

Chloee Stitzel

Freshman Kyla Rogers is playing her favorite sport on the HAHS basketball team. This year was her first year on the team. She enjoyed the season and the team’s company.

     Rogers wants to be a lawyer because they make a lot of money and shes good at arguing. Kyla’s biggest goal is to be successful. 

     Kyla speaks English and some Spanish. She is going to continue Spanish by taking Spanish 2 at HAHS. Her favorite part of being a student at HAHS is that the school offers plenty of after school activities and she is looking forward to the track season so she can set a new personal record. A new personal record in long jumping and she will practice by jumping longer.

     Kyla’s favorite hobbies are playing basketball, watching volleyball, basketball, and football, and going to the movies to see horror and comedy movies. On the weekends, she rests and eats. In her free time she likes to go on runs and listen to a variety of music.

     History is Rogers’ favorite. History has always come naturally to her. Meanwhile, her least favorite subject is math because she is bad with numbers. 

     Family and friends would describe her as outgoing. She is always trying to make everyone happy and going out of their way to show how good of a friend she is. Along with that, she is thankful for her family.