Senior takes on her final year of soccer


Kylee Landis , Hawk Happenings Assitant Editor

Michaela Sturm 17, takes on her last final year of soccer. She enjoys this sport very much and has been playing this sport since she was five years old. Although she does not play any other sports, she did do track for a couple years before this, and she does not plan to do track again this year. Also, Michaela does play for another Hamburg team that is not involved with the school. She plays for a year round soccer league and plans to play soccer in college and really hopes that she will get a scholarship. As a senior she is very upset that her high school soccer career is shortly coming to an end.

As a senior Michaela plays on the varsity team as sticker and wing and is number 12. Playing soccer and being out on the field help relieve anger and makes her feel good about herself. It is her passion to be out on the field as a soccer player. By being in school all day and then going off to soccer practices or games means she studies hard and does her homework when she has the free time. She always manages her time so that way her grades are good. Michaela is glad that she chose to play this sport at such a young age because she really enjoys it.
Michaela plans on going to college to become a registered nurse. But, she does not know what college she will attend. Other hobbies that she enjoys doing after she has time away from soccer, shopping, getting her nails done, and of course being with her friends and family.