Sports on campus

Sports on campus

Emma Greenwald , Writer

Playing a sport in great accomplishment. It is incredibly difficult to balance school and a sport at the same time. Some people make the best memories of their lives in college. However, making the change between high school, sports, and college sports is difficult.

Many say that the change is monumental. However, the difference between middle school and high school sports is that middle school is ten times slower than high school speed of the game. Then high school is ten times slower than college level sports. College level is more high paced, more time consuming, and much more competitive. When playing sports in college, depending on what school they chose to attend, the college could make the student change their major. If someone goes D1 there’s a high chance that their major will have to change to open up their schedule for their sport. Some sports require the athlete’s diet be observed and modified. They could even have up to three practices a day.

However, on the other side, studies have been done and have shown that playing a sport can even affect a student’s grades for the better. The studies say that students who chose to take on the commitment of  a sport in college know the responsibility it takes to do both ahead of time, which help students grasp the knowledge in the classroom. Vigorous activity and keeping in shape helps students keep their blood flowing to the brain to help them learn easier in class.

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