HAHS seniors choose different career paths


Valeria Amato, Writer

After speaking with several seniors, it can be observed that they either choose to go to college or jump right into a career. For example, senior Justin Willman is choosing to go straight into a career instead of going to college. He says, “People go to college to try to figure out what they want to do, and who they want to be, but I already know, so I do not find the college step personally necessary.” Willman is excited to work in his uncle’s family business and to further his career as a carpenter. As he grew up working with the tools and skills necessary for this job, he does not find further schooling needed.

On the contrary, senior, Brinn Albrecht is excited for a new start at Penn State University. Brinn says, “I am not particularly sure what I exactly want to do yet, but I’m thankful PSU will be there to help me figure it out!” Brinn explains that college degrees are crucial for many people’s futures in the work force and that it is a very important step.

On the other hand, some seniors are planning to go to college, just not right away. Giovanni Klahr supports this and says he would like to “take a break from school for a year and regather.” Giovanni also explained that he would like to focus on his job at the Kwik Shop for a year so he can save and prepare for adult life on his own.

Whether the seniors choose to jump right into a career or go to college, success is reachable for each and every one.