Sierra Fisher moves onto college


Jennifer Hoshaue, Writer

Sierra Fisher is a senior here at Hamburg. She has been in top 20 for all four years of her high school career, which is a great accomplishment. She is also part of the National Honor Society.

While in high school she has made a strong connection with lifelong friendships. The advice she is taking with her to college from high school is to work ahead. This is good advice for her and many others because procrastinating can be very stressful.

Starting this fall she will be going to Wilkes University which in Wilkes Barre, PA. She will be attending there for Pre-Pharmacy. She has been interested in being a pharmacist because of her interests in medicine and chemistry.
Her favorite things about Wilkes are the tight knit community the pharmacy program has and the size of the college. She also likes how it is far away from home but not too far to go home on some weekends.

While in college she might join clubs associated with pharmacy, but not sure what specific clubs there are yet.