Tyler Holl pursues a career in English


Quinn Holl, Hawk Happenings Editor

Tyler Holl is a senior at Hamburg who currently flies with the hawks. However, she will soon trade in her wings to become a bulldog once she attends DeSales University in the fall. She will major in English and will most likely minor in professional writing.

In the future, Holl hopes to obtain a career in the English department. She aspires to become a novelist, but is hoping to become either an English teacher, publisher or editor. “I would love to stay within the English field because I love reading and would enjoy passing that love onto others. I also have a deep passion for writing and want to keep that in my life.”

In terms of what influenced Holl’s adoration towards writing, she suggests that Mrs. Trubilla is the reason behind her hidden passion. “If it weren’t for her, I would never have taken an AP English class and realized how much I appreciated creative writing.” That being said, AP Literature and Composition was Holl’s favorite class throughout her four years at Hamburg.

Although Holl is looking forward to attending DeSales University, she is in utter disbelief that her high school career is coming to a bitter-sweet end. “I have spent four years up here and it’s almost like a home to me. I’m comfortable with the environment here and most of the teachers I would miss seeing in the halls.” Nevertheless, Holl knows there are better things to look forward to in the future, such as pursuing her literary dreams. “I am looking forward to starting a new chapter of my life, enhancing my knowledge in such a focused way, and moving beyond this one stage.” 

I would say my best high school memory is the whole experience”

— Tyler Holl

To sum up Holl’s experience at Hamburg, I asked her what her best high school memory is. “I would say my best high school memory is the whole experience. I’ve had good times and bad times, times where I have stressed through the whole day and other days where I’ve felt relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the whole time. Track was definitely a memory that sticks out to me though. Even though I only joined my senior year, I made many new friends and was always laughing.”

Holl is just one of many seniors who will be missed, but as they close their high school chapter, they will simply begin writing another one.