Artist/Musician Spotlight: Grant Doklan


Ashley Perlaki, Business Manager

Grant Doklan, a junior at Hamburg area High School, has been pursuing music since a very young age. Grant currently produces music and uploads to SoundCloud as well as having his own Youtube channel. Grant enjoys all types of music, pop being his favorite. He is inspired by many artists. Some of his favorites consist of Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. He finds that the music he is inspired by reflects the music he produces. To Grant, his music is very personal and is a reflection of his personality and his feelings. He has produced many songs, his most popular song being Bruce Lee, a pop/rap mashup that is fun for anybody to dance to. 

Along with being an up and coming musician, Grant also excels in his artistic abilities. Grant takes drawing classes at Hamburg and has received recognition from Mrs. Dommel. He is also designing the backdrop for the Senior prom at Hamburg. However, his artistic abilities are not just on canvases, they also apply to the face! He is a great makeup artist and applies his artistic abilities to create powerful and colorful makeup. Most of his makeup is done on his own face, however, he has done other makeup looks on other people. He also demonstrates his makeup technique on his Youtube channel. Grant hopes to continue making songs and doing makeup, but he plans on pursuing a career in English because he is a very talented writer who enjoys teaching others.