BCTC Spotlight: Warren Graff


Aaron Kurtz

Warren Graff is a sophomore in Mr. Evan’s homeroom. He throws in track, plays golf, is a part of Boy Scouts, and is in orchestra. He goes to BCTC for Auto Tech.

“I really enjoy the program; I love the freedom BCTC gives me,” he says. Warren loves auto tech, and he would love to own a garage and work on cars. He says that the program is teaching him things that will help him for his future career and he is learning things Hamburg and other programs would not teach him. 

“The instructors are super nice, and I love meeting new people from other schools that have the same interests as me.” Warren also goes on to say how the program pushes him to get better grades and improve his studying techniques and work harder in school.

 “There’s a program for everyone. They have way more programs than the ones you get to see on your BCTC field trip as a freshman,” says Warren.

To sign up for BCTC either get a form near the printer in the library, talk to Mrs. Benz in her office in the library, or talk to your guidance counselor.