Ride a magic carpet to theaters and see Aladdin


Emily Smith , Pinnacle Club Editor

Within the past few years, Disney has reinvented some old-time classic animated films into versions with real people, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and The Jungle Book to name a few. In the spirit of these revivals, Disney decided to kick the 1992 animated film Aladdin up a notch and add it to the list. With Will Smith as the Genie, Naomi Scott as Jasmine, and Mena Massoud as Aladdin, it was sure to appeal to any viewer, whether they prefer comedy, romance, or adventure. Disney made sure to keep some of the classic aspects of the movie alive as well, including the songs “Friend Like Me” and “A Whole New World”. Disney fans old and new will want to see this new work of art.

Aladdin, the community thief, is looking for a real friend, someone other than a monkey. With his untrustworthy reputation, it seems as though his pursuit for a new friend is nothing but hopeless until he meets the undercover princess, Jasmine, in the marketplace. When Jasmine tries to commit a Robin Hood-like deed and is caught by a cart-owner, Aladdin is the first to step up and lend a hand. After his heroic duty, he brings Jasmine to safety and quickly is falling for her. How can he become her wife if he is just a poor commoner? With the help of his new friend, the Genie, he will do anything and everything to make his ultimate wish come true.

I have to admit, I was a little weary before viewing this, as I had no clue what the storyline was about. However, after watching, I realized that prior knowledge was not necessary. I did not find myself confused at any point, because the events that took place made sense in the end, even to a person who thought that Aladdin was the Genie before watching. The movie kept me guessing the whole time as to what was going to happen next, which I believe is a quality that only exceptional movies can share. The storyline itself was outstanding, with the creativity and cultural aspects intertwining to form a truly worthwhile movie. Adding in the special effects to the Genie, magic carpet, and other characters truly made the movie feel magical. I would recommend this movie to anyone who was looking for something new and different to watch.