TV Review of “13 Reasons Why”


Ashley Perlaki, Business Manager

13 Reasons Why, a Netflix series based on the novel by Jay Asher, has shaken the balance of high schoolers’ lives since the start in 2017. This show captures what it is like to be a student in modern society. The show centers around the death of Hannah Baker, a student enrolled at Liberty High, who committed suicide and how her death impacts the students around her. 

Many viewers found that this season lacked a main theme to the show, and did not portray the reality of how suicide affected those close to Hannah. Instead, this season is more related to a murder mystery rather than sticking to the psychological approach it started with. Along with the lack of theme, the show also includes a new narrator completely wiping the existence of Hannah out of the show. 

Timazia Schaner a junior at Hamburg High, seemed to agree that the show is “not as good as it used to be.” Timazia feels that the show has lost the spark of originality and seems like every other teenage drama show. Many in fact agree with Timazia, the show used to be rated very high and now stager at a 7.5/10 along with that the show lost quite a lot of viewers midseason.

Overall, the idea of the show is rather enticing. The first and second season offered a complex way of dealing with the modern generation. It also allowed for a commonality among students and parents, because it showed the reality of every teenage life. With that being said, the show does not keep a consistent line to the story; instead, it tries to show every teen issue without sticking to one main theme or plot. If 13 Reasons Why focused on the growth of characters they formed a connection with the show would be a success, which could be seen through previous ratings.