Hamburg’s Veterans breakfast welcomes veterans from the local area


Quinn Holl, Editor in Chief

Freshly toasted bagels were sliced in half as the scent of coffee wafted out from the cafeteria. Colorful banners boasting each branch of the military — Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy — decorated the ceiling. A slight breeze trickled into the room as veterans entered the cafeteria, accompanied by friends, family, and spouses, to receive a free breakfast provided by the Hamburg Area High School as a thank you for their service. 

Since November 11 was Veterans Day, social studies teachers, Mr. Evans and Mr. Zimmerman, could not have chosen a better date to host an event designed to express gratitude for those who have represented the United States on an honorary level. 

Following the breakfast, Hamburg Area High School’s Aerial Boundaries performed four songs — “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “Salute to the Armed Forces,” “Tribute to Heroes,” and “God Bless America” — to both entertain and honor the veterans. During “Salute to the Armed Forces,” music teacher, Miss Jackson, asked the veterans to stand as their branch’s medley was sung. 

After the musical performance, Mr. Spohn spoke of his own military experiences, ultimately concluding the morning event. 

“I thought it was really great that he connected the community aspect of veterans to their service years, and he equated it to the fact that when you’re in the national guard, you have a skill that transfers to your work in the service. It gives you a place to fit in because of who you are,” said senior, Abigal Behm, in response to Mr. Spohn’s presentation.    

Behm, who volunteered at the Veterans Breakfast, attempts to do so every year due to her deep appreciation for their service. 

“I love the people, I love helping, and I love trying to give back to the veterans because of my own family’s history with them.”   

Despite the singing, the food, and the presentation, Behm’s favorite part of the morning event was simply speaking to the veterans. “I got the chance to stop and chat with some of them [veterans] and get to know them as people. They are the kind of people that give me hope for the community.”