Benefits of Joining the Military

June 10, 2018

One option seniors have after high school is joining the military. There are many benefits in doing so. Joining the military as active duty means that the individual will have full health care insurance and will receive a paycheck . If the individual decides to leave the military and pursue a secondary education after his/her first enlistment, he will receive full tuition to whichever college he chooses based upon the Post 9/11 G.I Bill. The individual also gets the honor of serving his country and protecting the freedoms that Americans hold to so dearly.

If the individual decides that active duty is not suited for his future goals he could always take the route of reserves. Reserves gives the honor of serving your country and be a member of the military but takes away the daily sacrifices required by active duty members. A reserve will be required to check in once a month to the local base and two weeks out of the summer. A reserves will also be provided with help to cover the cost of tuition if he wishes to further his education.

If someone wishes to contact a local recruiter he/she may do so by text or call at 484-794-0695.

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