Hawk History Seminars making history


Abigail Behm, Pinnacle Faculty/Staff Editor

Every Day 3 at Hamburg Area High School, students wrangle the opportunity to delve into history with supplemental seminars. Started by Mr. Kline early last year, seminars are by the student, for the student. Participants use the Hamburg Discussion board on Schoology to input ideas or topics they would like to have discussed, and then if other students are on board, the topic goes on the seminar schedule.

Education doesn’t always have to be tests and quizzes”

— Mr. Kline

Ranging from lectures on the World Wars, virtual reality tours of Europe, and even battlefield trips, the Hawk History Seminars are a show-stopping history expansion for HAHS. “We have free eighth periods, and I wanted to do something creative with them,” Kline commented. “Education doesn’t always have to be tests and quizzes.” How right he is. Hawk History Seminars provide avid learners to take advantage of their curiosity and the wealth of knowledge available at HAHS. Frequent attendee Paiton Albrecht calls seminars “chill and more fun,” and engaging for students in a unique setting.

Former history teacher and current Dean of Students, Mr. Buggy, dubbs the seminars a “grass-roots student movement” that is dependent on “student interest” to thrive. Over the course of the two years, the seminars have been run, students volunteer positive feedback and the strong desire to return. Additionally, working jointly with the Hamburg Discussion Board, students have round-the-clock access to historical topics and debates.

Should a student want to attend a seminar, they must have a free eighth period with no other conflicts and contact their history teacher or Mr. Kline to be put on the seminar list. The best place to find real-time updates on the seminars and other history topics is the discussion board. The Hawk History Seminars have also adopted the Jolly Rogers flag. When a flag is flying outside Mr. Kline’s room, usually the Jolly Roger, the seminar is a go!

As always, HAHS searches out and then offers numerous opportunities for individual growth and exploration. Students and staff alike are proud to add Hawk History Seminars to the list of progressive programs to foster a healthy, creative environment in which to learn.