Taylor Swift – “Lover” album review


Grant Doklan, Pinnacle Underclassmen Editor

On August 23, 2019 Taylor Swift released her seventh studio album titled Lover. This album is different than others in Swift’s discography because it shows her in love, ready to settle down. Opening the era, fans were surprised with a collaboration on ME! featuring Brendan Urie of Panic! at the Disco fame. The song is a celebration of individuality and self-love, a theme that would continue with the second single, You Need to Calm Down. 

You Need to Calm Down is Swift’s most political song to date, cementing her position as an advocate for LGBT issues. There is a message at the end of the video urging fans to sign the Equality Act, an important piece of legislation that would criminalize discrimination against LGBT people. Swift co-directed the video with her good friend Todrick Hall who is a gay man in the music industry. After winning the Video For Good award at this year’s VMAs, Swift handed the microphone to Hall for the acceptance speech. 

The rest of Lover mostly follows in the footsteps of Swift’s previous synth-pop record 1989. There are a few exceptions that harken back to the Red era’s mix of pop structure with country production. The title track Lover, Paper Rings and Soon You’ll Get Better all appeal to fans of Swift’s earlier works. Other standouts include Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince because of its hidden political message and Cruel Summer, which is highly speculated to be the next single. Overall, Lover is an album that will be remembered for its stellar songwriting and record-breaking sales. 

Mikayla Slichter is a casual Taylor Swift fan, with her favorite song from Lover being You Need to Calm Down. “I’m only familiar with Taylor Swift songs that are on the radio,” Slichter admits. “But I think this is my favorite one by far.” Mikayla enjoys the sound of the song, as well as the message. “I like that she uses her platform to bring people up.” You Need to Calm Down’s message is one that is very important today and a pop star as large as Swift could end up changing a lot of people’s minds. 

To stream Lover, click here https://open.spotify.com/album/1NAmidJlEaVgA3MpcPFYGq