Spider-Man; Far From Home had people swinging into theaters


Clarissa Dimovitz, Pinnacle Underclassmen Editor

The web-slinger Spider-Man is back in theatres this year with Spider-Man; Far From Home, the sequel to Spider-Man; Homecoming, and the movie right after the heartbreaking Avengers; Endgame. Some people may remember their own favorite childhood superhero, and maybe Spider-Man comes to mind. The way Spider-Man was portrayed  in the movie, will increase any fan’s love for this superhero. It was a heartfelt adventure about loss and acceptance, but has the same action that any superhero movie would have. It is a perfect balance.

Set after “the blip” at Midtown High School, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is trying to get back into his normal life schedule while dealing with a heavy loss. He starts to get feelings for MJ (Zendaya), plans to confess during a school trip to Europe, and gets help from his friend Ned (Jacob Balton). Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) then hijacks Peter’s trip, so that he could help him and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) save the world from a threat big enough to destroy the planet.

Tom Holland, in this movie, did an amazing Peter Parker. His English accent was spot on, and his quirky attitude and persona really hit home. Zendaya also did a really nice job of portraying MJ. The spin she had put on the character made it a more interesting version of her. Ned’s character could have gone a little more in depth with acting and development. They hardly had any development on his character this time around, and he could have gone somewhere in the films. Jacob did what he could with this character, though his acting was a bit off par compared to the others. That aside, all the acting was very well done, by all actors.

I loved how the bond between MJ and Peter is shown. They are both extremely awkward, and some of their interactions made me laugh. The scenes that were made to be heartfelt really hit home. The actors made me relate to the characters, and understand where they are coming from and why they are acting that way. I did not like how Ned and Peter hardly interacted, since they’re said to be best friends. Some of the characters actions did not make sense to me, but it made up for it with witty script writing and comedic parts. One comedic part with Ned and Parker was when Ned got shot by Nick Fury with a tranquilizer. The comedic timing was so spot on, and it was just genuinely funny. The side story with Brad liking MJ as well was unneeded, and I did not like it too much. It dragged out too long, and I found it  unamusing. 

This movie taught me that loss can hit hard in life. Life can knock people down to their knees, and some stay down. Though Peter was put through the emotional stress of loss of someone close to him, he pushed through life. I also learned that people should not give up and that people need to persevere. Life makes people try, and even if they fail, they have to keep going. They do not stop, even if their body tells them to stop. It will pay off, and rewards will come soon.

I think the Marvel geeks and superhero nerds would love this movie. It is a classic superhero movie, but it has its own little twist to it. I would recommend this to anyone. This movie may not be interesting to people who are not fans of superheroes. It is a superhero movie, after all. The movie helps give a basic understanding without watching the previous Spider-Man movie. It is fun, emotional, and action-packed. The Motion Picture Association of America rating of the movie was PG-13 for sci-fi motion violence, some language and temporary suggestive feedback, so consider this a warning just in case. All in all, this movie is very well done. I would say, another great movie from Marvel Studios.  

Overall Rating (Scale of 1-5): 4