Anna Heitmann takes initiative


Now that Anna is a senior, she is able to take advantage of a PFE internship, which is a program that allows her to get professional field experience while she is still in high school. This is an option open to all seniors, and there is a PFE job fair held near the end of the year for juniors to attend to see if they are interested in anything being offered.

She has always had a passion for music and has been pursuing that throughout her high school career through her involvement in band, choir, orchestra, and drama. This, however, was an opportunity for her to explore the possibility of making it her career. She thinks that she wants to go to college for music education, so she is taking lessons from Mrs. Kline. This allows her to learn what it means to be a music teacher and gives her the ability to see if this is what she wants to do with her life. 

There are a multitude of activities that she is a part of to further her learning. She has her own desk in Mrs. Kline’s office, and she uses that space to help organize sheet music and tape papers together to hand out to the students. She also comes in to listen to lessons and see how Mrs. Kline teaches students. She especially enjoys this, as it allows her to get hands on experience with teaching. Anna mostly stays within the music wing and tries to help wherever she can to learn from all the instructors. 

A PFE internship is a great way for students to get experience and learn if the fields they want to pursue are a good match for them. The time they spend seeing what a career actually entails could save them from a bad experience down the road.If students are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, they should talk to Mrs. Benz, the school’s career education specialist, with any questions they have.