ContraPoints changes YouTube


Grant Doklan, Pinnacle Underclassmen Editor

Natalie Wynn, known as ContraPoints on YouTube, is a political commentator and philosopher recognized for her unique set design and outlandish costumes. Her transgender identity serves as an influence for many of her videos, covering subjects like pronouns, non-binary identities, and gender theory. With her online persona, Wynn is able to cover other subjects such as neo-naziism, beauty standards and modern feminism. She studied philosophy at Georgetown University and currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Recently Wynn found herself amidst controversy for including famed transgender man, Buck Angel, in her video entitled Opulence. Wynn stated that she was upset the controversy had overshadowed what she believed to be her best video. The trans and nonbinary audience that once hailed Natalie turned against her because of a string of tweets Buck made in years prior. Twitter began accusing Natalie of being a “transmedicalist” because of Buck’s questionable tweets, which is a term used to describe someone who thinks hormones and surgical procedures are the only correct way to transition. 

Natalie has since apologized in-depth in her newest video, Cancelling. The video clocks in at just over an hour and 40 minutes and has 1.6 million views. She denies claims that she is a transmedicalist and her apology has largely been accepted by the transgender community. 

Brody Baez is an occasional ContraPoints viewer and enjoys Wynn’s videos. He discovered her in 2017 at the start of her transition and has kept up with her since then. Brody’s favorite ContraPoints video is Beauty, where Natalie discusses beauty standards and cosmetic procedures. 

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