Wyatt Holl attends BCTC for Business Management and Entrepreneurship   


Quinn Holl, Hawk Happenings Editor in Chief

Berks Career Technology Center (BCTC) offers a variety of programs to provide students with the tools needed to be successful in their field of choice. One of BCTC’s programs is business, in which sophomore, Wyatt Holl, has decided to take advantage of this year.        

Holl attends BCTC for Business Management and Entrepreneurship, where he is the Communications Associate of their business, Bee Fresh. The company “provides health and beauty products to the world,” says Holl. “We donate a certain percentage of our products to the bees around the world to help stop the extinction crisis.” His responsibilities lie within their social media account, which includes writing descriptions for new products, advertising, sending out emails, and brainstorming product ideas. 

Although he is still uncertain as to whether or not he wishes to pursue a career in business, he thought it would be wise to join the program to see if he can find his niche. Since attending BCTC, he has recognized the innumerable benefits of doing so.

“BCTC provides me with the skills necessary to be successful if I decide to go into business. I’m learning about how the economy works as well as the basic fundamentals of business. I even get to help run my own business to get an idea of how businesses actually work in the real world.”   

Holl reveals that the “opportunities they [BCTC] provide will benefit students extensively in the future.” As a result of Holl having a positive experience during his first year at BCTC, he hopes to continue the program throughout the remainder of his high school career.

For those who are considering BCTC, see Mrs. Benz in the library for more information.