Student athlete spotlight: Sarah Herman


Taylor Henn

Sarah Herman, a freshman at Hamburg Area High School, is involved in two sports which include softball and basketball. She has been playing softball for four years and basketball for one year, and she is very passionate about both of these sports.

Sports are a great way for students to stay healthy and fit, and that is exactly why Sarah started participating in sports in the first place. She wanted to exercise and wanted a physical challenge for herself. Softball and basketball keep Sarah off the couch and moving.

For both softball and basketball, Sarah like to prepare as much as she can for games. To prepare for games, Sarah listens to music that gets her pumped and then the team warms up while listening to more hyped up music together.

Softball is by far Sarah’s favorite sport. She says, “Softball is my favorite because the team is so close and you can always see people getting better. There is always room for improvement and you can see what you need to work on every day.”

Sarah plans on continuing sports in high school, and after high school, she wants to play college softball for whatever school she chooses.