Bowling Spotlight: Veronica Heckman


Kylee Landis, Hawk Happenings Assistant Editor

Veronica Heckman, 16, has been bowling for three years. She decided to bowl because she did a bowling summer league and enjoyed it very much. Veronica’s dad had an influence on her playing this sport because he encouraged her to play and to enjoy what she does.

This is Veronica’s junior year and has improved since her last year as a bowler. She has improved her average from 124 to now having an average of 146.

The bowling season for the team is going very well, they are currently 8-12 with six matches left. That is a large improvement from last year’s season, which they ended at 8-31. The team is currently 3rd in their league. As an individual Veronica is working hard and trying everyday to better herself to get prepared for the county tournament that is in February. As a team they are trying their hardest to get into the county team playoffs. She has been working on her form and to approach when she is rolling her ball. During practices they are working on making spares and staying constant on their strikes. They try to work as hard and do their best at practices because they only have 10 practices total throughout the season.

Since Veronica plays both basketball and bowling in the winter season, she makes sure she is caught up in school and to always has time for what she does. She is very busy due to having basketball, bowling, and school work. In order to get her school work done she makes sure she does her work in the study halls she is provided or even at home when she has time to finish it.

Veronica plays a total of four different sports: field hockey, bowling, basketball, and softball. She does plan to play a sport in college, but she does not know where she would like to attend and what major she will study in. Veronica hopes to play field hockey, bowling, or even softball in college.