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How teachers feel about new rules


Many students and teachers express a love-hate relationship with the new rules and expectations. Teachers who are known as more laid back feel they have to alter their teaching style to accommodate the new regulations, while other teachers find it right up their alley. 

      Math teacher, Mrs. Geske, expresses one side of the spectrum. For the majority, she states that the phone rule is particularly useful for her classroom environment. Students that have her find themselves having to utilize the phone pouches. Mrs. Geske claims, “I don’t love when there are negative interactions between myself and my students. However, I find the rules valuable and important. Everywhere in society we see rules, whether they are social norms or legal rules and regulations. It is important that students are given structure at school and shown a sense of right and wrong, actions and consequences.” Part of becoming an adult is learning that people make mistakes, taking ownership for that mistake, and growing from it. It brings us together by creating structure in the classroom which allows students to build a routine and know the expectations. Without structure, the teacher could be perceived as unfair in how they handle different issues that come up in class. Mrs. Geske continues, “I love the new phone rule. In math class, it was a major distraction from the learning process. When a student is looking at their phone they’re not actively engaged in the learning process that’s taking place in class. I’ve already witnessed positive results in the class atmosphere this year. My students are more attentive and are participating more frequently in the class discussions.”

      While on the other hand, biology and human sciences teacher, Mrs. Sinopoli, has some of the same views, but shares different perspectives. “I do not love having to enforce rules, but I know it creates boundaries for what students can and cannot do.  Though it is annoying to be the “bad” guy, I know it will help create the structure we need to be successful.” When asked if she thinks enforcing rules brings students and teachers apart, she replied, “Perhaps, but teacher student relationships do not build overnight. I try to set rules and expectations early, and hold kids accountable early, so they know how my room will run day-to-day.” She expresses that once things are established and boundaries are set, she tries to have great relationships with students. Mrs. Sinopoli says that she is proud of the students she interacts with and has only had to give one warning on the new phone rule.

      Many of the teachers have a positive outcome for their students and how they handle the cell phone situation. While students dislike this new policy, most teachers believe that it will majorly benefit the students socially and academically.

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