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School enforces new no bag policy


At the start of the 2023-2024 academic school year, students and staff were informed that the school would be enforcing a new no bag policy. In previous years students were allowed to carry bags that were the size of the school issued chromebook cases. This allowed students to carry tote bags in order to aid them with transportation of school supplies to classes. 

     Students were confused by the change and wanted to know the reasoning behind it. Mrs. Alyssa Fink, the vice principal, states that, “The main reason we have this new policy is for safety. Schools will take different approaches to safety and this is our way of making sure things won’t be coming into the building that shouldn’t be.”

     Many students who benefited from the use of bags last year are reflecting on why they utilized such a resource. Shelby Dougherty, a junior who used a tote bag last year states, “Using a tote bag last year made it so much easier to carry all of my stuff.” Another student, Sara Fitzgerald, a senior, states, “Using a tote bag made carrying books easier, and made for less trips to the locker, which helped with getting to class on time more often.” 

     The new rule could potentially create a few problems. Isabella Reader hypothesizes, “More kids will be late to class, because they have to go to their locker at inconvenient times.” There are many students who struggle to get to their lockers, gather all of their supplies for the next class, and make it to class in the allotted three minutes. The tote bags were convenient for carrying many supplies at one time, and allowed students to make it to class on time. This was especially helpful when there is no opportune time to go to one’s locker throughout the day. 

    The overall consensus of students who used tote bags in previous years is that they wish the rule would be changed back to the way it used to be. Until then, speedy locker stops are the best plan.

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