Why taking Physical Education is important

     Physical education is a very important class that is needed to be taken at Hamburg Area High School in order to graduate. According to HAHS teacher Mr. Reinhart says The information and stuff students learn in PE can help students engage in physical activity and can impact the rest of students’ lives. PE teaches students how to have a good diet and move themselves each day could put into practice for when they get older. 

    Physical activities can improve students’ fitness and how their body responds to different motions. It also can affect students’ mental health by decreasing conditions such as anxiety and depression. 

     Some positive things about taking this class are it reduces students’ stress level, it increases their social levels, it can help with their sleep schedule, and it helps students focus. Some disadvantages with physical education are it could take time away from focusing on academics and make students feel self conscious, different or left out. 

     This class includes team activities, lifetime sports opportunities, and individual sport for students to pick from. HAHS also provides a program for students who can not participate in regular curricular activity. Students will be exposed to team building/cooperative games, an introductory fitness unit, various team sports, and culminate with  Presidential Youth Fitness Testing, using Fitnessgram.