Movie Review – Titanic 

 The 1997, James Cameron, action packed romance movie Titanic highlights the maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic, and follows the tragic fate of a pair of starcrossed lovers who met on the voyage. The movie was number one in the box office for 11 consecutive weeks. It was also the first movie to gross over a billion dollars; Titanic grossed $2.225 billion. 

     Personally I think this movie is exceptionally well done, I think the movie created a really good depiction of the tragic event and love story. The people who made the set had actually recreated parts of the ship which I think makes the movie more real and authentic. Also the way the movie depicted the style of that era was phenomenal. It showed how people were separated by class and origin and how people of lower class were treated badly. The beginning starts out like a documentary then it begins the story and how the survivor remembers the trip. The story is told as a memory and the person telling the story was part of the first class and explains how the three classes were separated but there was one spot that all classes could go which was where she met her new love interest who was part of third class. I love this dynamic of the star crossed lovers who are not supposed to be together but fall in love anyway. I also think the way the actors portrayed the characters was amazing. They made the characters actually seem like they were in love and it was so believable. The amazing acting caused so much emotion and had me emotionally invested. My only issue with the movie is I think there should have been a happy ending and they should have stayed together.