Student Spotlight – Gabi Valentino 


 Gabi Valentino, a junior at Hamburg Area High School, is involved in cheer, track and student council. She is an exceptional student and because of her love for learning, her favorite subject is AP US History because “the teacher has really changed the way I look at how school affects me in a positive way, as well as the many things there are to learn in the world.” On the other hand her least favorite class is physics due to disliking the curriculum, but while that may be a downside, the teacher makes it still fun to learn. 

     While being an outstanding student and leader, she is currently involved in cheer and track. She had started cheer five years ago, because she grew up only knowing cheer because her mom has been coaching the cheer team for many years. She joined track last year, and this will be her second year. She started this sport just because she wanted to try something new. 

     Gabi is not only a student athlete but also a member of student council. She has been a part of student council for five years now and she is currently vice president. She enjoys planning fun things for the school and making a difference. These are the reasons she had joined in the first place. She is also part of the prom committee this year, and she has been working hard to help plan out prom and many other fun activities the school has to offer. While having a very busy schedule, Gabi still has time to enjoy hobbies such as playing guitar and piano. 

     Gabi is a very kind and responsible person and is part of many things, due to being a part of so much she has accumulated a very large friend group. Bella Byers, her friend of a year and half year, met her at cheer and they have been friends ever since, she stands out from everyone else because of her “leadership skills, motivation in school and cheer along with her attitude towards things.”